Currently showing (until 13th May 2018) as part of a group exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Although working predominantly with a camera, Lorna doesn't consider herself a photographer as such; rather she enjoys experimentation with photography as a medium that affords the opportunity for considerable fluidity in the visual expression of experience, thought and concept.

Fascinated by the instability of self-identity, that indeterminate place somewhere between personal intention and social dictation, and the materiality of the body in relation to this. She is generally motivated by a desire to explore the experience and the politics of racial, cultural, female and social identity.
In exploring this she works often with self portraiture and role play, using the body as both brush and paint, with an aim to transferring the nebulous and contemplative to the material and frameable.

In less reflective times, she enjoys vernacular and candid shooting for personal fulfilment of the human desire to collect, catalogue and clutch at moments of life; and the framing of mycological and botanical subjects in quiet appreciation of the beauty of structure and formation in nature.